Osprey POCO AG Plus Child CarrierThere are a number of baby carrying products available in the market, but none can match the awesomeness of Osprey POCO AG + Child Carrier. A modern infrastructure of an engineering art, the model comes at a reasonable price of 275 dollars.

The product is available in 3 colors namely black, green and blue. It comes out to be of 7.7 pounds. Lightweight aluminum has been used to provide a stable platform towards the child carrier. A varied adjustment ranging from 6cm up to 15cm is available for torso sittings. A double halo harness along with a fully framed cockpit for safety comes pre-installed with the package. A pre-built sunshade originating from a zippered pocket protects the child from harmful UV rays. The child carrier is great for offloading weight from shoulders to hips.

Why Osprey POCO AG Is Good?

When you are raising a child, you want to make a bond with your family. You need what’s best for the child. Their comfort should be top most priority for their parents. Osprey POCO AG + child carrier sees towards the luxurious sitting of the child. Most children of such a young age are very energetic and the idea of raising a very energetic and vibrant kid can be very challenging for parents. Both the child and his/her raiser feels uncomfortable is poor shoulder strapped child carrying bags or simply carrying a child in their hand all the time. That’s where Osprey POCO AG + child carrier comes into play.

Comfortable for both, the child and the wearer, the Osprey child carrier also makes sure that legs of the child do not dangle, (as it happens with other child carriers in the market, cutting off circulation and becoming a source of pain for the child)

As a single mom, you need time for not only yourself, but also for your child and we all know how physically exhausting it is to carry the child all the time in arms, or via shoulder strapped equipment. Osprey POCO AG + Child Carrier is a savior for your life. It comes with a simple, plus and premium category. While the simple carriage has a built in sunshade, washable drool pad, the plus and premium child carriers have an extra-large lower storage compartment. Zippered hip belt pockets and reservoir sleeve are also available.

Additionally, rain cover and carrying case come as extras with the packages having moderate prices of 24$ and 30$ respectively.


We wholeheartedly recommend the Osprey POCO AG + child carrier to all everyone reading this review. This age of adolescence is a very special time for child growth. Parents and child raisers can make beautiful memories together by picnics and long walks. Since a babysitter or a child carrier also needs time for themselves.

It is also extremely well made with lots of storage capacity. Now extra clothes and baby food can also be stored inside the extra-large compartment. Osprey is a trustful company which specializes in the making of baby carriages. Their positive reviews are an evidence of their hard work.