Deuter Kid Comfort 3Taking your young one for camping and hiking adventures is free-of-fears now. With a more rugged and secure backpack, you can feel safer with your baby even on rough heights and slippery paths. The metallic frame perfectly supports the baby with the help of 5-point harness and padding supports.

  1. Deuter Kid Comfort 3 Is Certified for Safety

JPMA has approved of Deuter’s Kid Comfort 3 because it exceeded federal and state safety-measures: which means it ‘ultra-secure’ product. The metallic design is supportive; along with the soft-padded 5-point harness which can be adjusted to baby’s size. The adjustable straps across baby’s feet allow security of toddler even if you are bending down to hike a mountain. The design is pediatric-approved in terms of promoting safe and healthy sitting position. Its kickstand provides stability wherever the backpack is put down.  Kid Comfort 3 can support up to 48 pounds of baby’s weight easily.

Deuter’s brand has always been recognized by key factors of quality, functionality, durability and safety. The sturdy and supportive design has been vastly tested by Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine. The backpack has been awarded as the ‘Best Hiking Carrier’ by Outside Magazine. Customers have given great reviews about it for the safety and security it provides.

  1. Kid Comfort 3 Assures Maximum Ventilation

With an AirContact back-system, the product provides a body-fitting security along with matchless breathability. The porous structure of AirContact pads has large openings that work through a pumping effect. The pumping effect is exchange of blocked air, containing warmth and moisture, with that of fresh air at every movement of baby. This innovative design has, thus, resulted in 15% lesser sweating in contrast to other backpacks.

Your baby will no more feel uncomfortable or hot sitting up there. His happiness will be the one that lasts and your good memories will do too.

  1. It Offers Diverse User-Friendly Features

Keeping your ‘comfort’ on top, Deuter’s have made sure of your ease in every possible way. Kid Comfort 3 arrives with ‘step-in access’ that allows your toddler to get inside by themselves; adjustable-height footrests promote better circulation of blood of your baby; the washable/removable chin pads give complete support to young ones to rest or have a nap; removable/retractable sun-roof protects against elements and the aluminum frame is designed along with padded hip belt plus load adjustment straps for stable load transferability. Deuter’s Kid Comfort 3 really has countless and amazing features!

  1. Innovative Features and Specifications

There’s a lot more left that needs to be told yet. Aren’t you surprised? Imagine how much work Deuter’s must have put to design this single product. It’s a complete package of safety, security and happiness for little ones of travelers and campers.

So, what’s more? A VariFit system has been introduced into the product that makes it adjust to complete length of wearer’s back. This allows easy and secure shifting of backpack between parents without having to get the baby out and put him back in. Let him stay wherever he has been fixed.

S-shaped shoulder strap keeps you from getting neck-strain. The backpack has plenty of storage pockets. The two-grab handles assist you to lift the backpack with ease. The package includes a teddy bear for your baby and rear-view mirror for you to keep an eye on your toddler. I bet there’s a lot more about that you should discover for yourself.

So, Deuter’s offer isn’t at all a useless investment. It’s a perfect-make for your child’s comfort as well as yours. There’s really no downside to this product. Rather the little investment seems like you profiting from it as you will receive a lot of features that can’t be imagined in a single product.