Are you excited about the upcoming hiking trip? Are you thinking of a safer and convenient way out for carrying your 2 year-old safely? Baby Back Pack Cross Country Carrier is the perfect product for you. You will never have to miss out on any adventure trip again. The backpack is really comfortable and fun for your little one who loves to ride on dad’s shoulder. Baby Back Pack Cross Country Carrier is designed based on what your child loves: To see the world from up above- the heights. Moreover, the back pack carrier provides you with best color choices: green and red.

Lightweight with Good Storage Capacity

Baby Backpack Cross Country Carrier weighs only 7 pounds as it utilizes lightweight metallic frame and 600D oxford-cloth.  The cloth-stuff has the capacity to withstand diverse weather conditions. Additionally, your child will never feel uncomfortable, sweaty or hot inside the carrier. A removable/ retractable visor is present for your child’s safety from elements.

On the other side, your comfort and ease was reflected upon before designing the Baby Backpack Cross Country Carrier as it features thick energy-absorbing shoulder pads along with a padded waist-strap. You will feel no more difficulty in carrying your young one for longer distances.

What’s there in it about ‘good storage capacity’? The product features two side-pockets for holding water bottles and multiple pockets to carry baby’s necessities without carrying an extra bag. The extra-large back pocket, additionally, features reflective-strip across the back pocket for safety purpose.

Foldable Metallic-Frame with A Kickstand

The lightweight metallic frame can be folded quickly and entirely into flat and portable structure for easy storage. The metal frame supports effortless adjustment of baby carrier to make a comfortable fit for you as well as your child. The child carrier is ideally designed for children between age of 6 months and 4 years with a maximum weight capacity of 40 pounds.

With the additional kickstand feature, the metal frame supports the child carrier on a flat surface and helps the child to easily sit in an upright position.


Conclusively, The Baby Backpack Cross Country Carrier is a perfect pick for adventure-loving parents having toddlers at home. Even if you are not interested in hiking or adventures, the product ensures safety and happiness of your child even for long trips. Its design prioritizes ease of carrying toddlers in a comfortable way.

On the downside, it is a little bulky in appearance according to some reviews. But, as far as its satisfying all your needs, you need not to worry about its apparent bulkiness. Think on the positive side, you don’t have to push the stroller over uneven paths all along your way.

It is a little bit expensive but don’t you want to prefer yours and your baby’s comfort? If yes, then, think of the ease and comfort of carrying your child up high so that he may have fun watching the surroundings from the top. To tell you a secret, ‘Comfort’ was the key feature that has led to the making of such an exceptional baby product.