Welcome to the 21st century where you can carry your babies like kangaroos…. Yes, kangaroos!

The new breathable soft carrier grey chevron, developed by Evenflo allows the users to carry their babies like kangaroos. New born babies need lots of comfort and care from their loved ones…But discussing the safety, that does not mean that they should not enjoy the outside environment.

Features That We Loved

With the new grey chevron, you can carry your baby with you and make special moments with each other. Enjoying as a whole family and sightseeing together would create unforgettable memories. Crawlers and strollers are heavy. A person gets tired moving them from one place to another. They are especially a hindrance when you want to go to step induced areas.

The grey chevron baby carrier comes with comfortable shoulder straps. Think about it! Why would you need the expensive wheel stroller when you could just carry your baby around like a kangaroo. The product is also great for your exercise as your shoulders are used to carry weight and this helps in the building of muscle.

Babies particularly of young age are “problem children”; most of them are very energetic and don’t like to keep quiet for a long time. The best way to utilize the energy of your child is by taking them on adventures. Forget the old ways of carrying a child in the arms or moving hefty expensive strollers.

Buy the grey chevron baby carrier. Babies love the sense of being carried from one place to another. As a child raiser, your heart will be at peace knowing the child is always with you while your child will have the option of sightseeing through the bag pouch.

What It Has?

The product comes with a 2 unique carrying positions. A baby can be faced in as well as can be faced out. Removable bib and breathable mesh panels help keep the temperature under control. The machine fabric is washable. In addition, padded back straps are provided to ensure complete comfort for the child

The item is available in 3 colors combination. They are grey, pink and yellow. The product comes at a moderate price of about 18 dollars. A 3 year protection can also be availed for a cheap price of 2.93 dollars. A buyer can even return the item for free. The weight of the product comes out to be 12.8 ounces. A baby as heavy as 26 pounds can be added into the carrier.

Final Verdict

We recommend the grey chevron baby carrier to all the single moms and struggling parents out there. Raising a child can be very challenging but with proper guidelines and equipment, you can make countless memories with your child. Evenflo is a company dedicated to make the bond stronger between a child and his/her raiser. The inexpensive bag is washable as well as a great alternative to shoulder exercises. Keeping your baby close to you will surely become a source of admiration for you and your family.