6 Extra Tips For Hiking With Kids

Parents are usually afraid and avoid making trips with their kids. If you are one of the parents, then you need to think twice. Because you are depriving your kids from memorable experiences.

So, to make hiking with kids fun, below are some really valuable tips which will surely help you

  1. Pick The Best Possible Route

Ask the experienced hikers for the best possible route that is not only safe but also easy to travel with kids. Well, there is no such route as children friendly, however, you need to make sure the trial is not very dangerous for the kids.

Furthermore, adopt a route that is packed with trees and flowers. This will make your kids excited about the trip. Let them know what they will be expecting to see, this would make them excited about the trio and they will look forward to it.

Make a check list of the things your kids saw and help them fill it. This could be a very good activity/game for them. If they miss out anything, you can always save it for the future trips to come. Plus, this could be kept as a memory of their first ever (or one of many) hiking trip.

  1. Have Some Great Game Ideas

Play ‘I spy’ on your way or play the game of collecting the most unusual feathers or flowers on your way. These games are great for learning perspective. Make them prepare a portfolio of all the little thing they collected. Let them know this before the trip begins so that they can be prepared for it. This would make them excited about the trip throughout and it will keep them motivated.

  1. Invite Your Friends to Tag Along:

If you got friends with children, then you should definitely ask them to join the trip. Make sure that your children, as well as your friend’s children, tag along easily. You do not want them to pick a fight in the middle of the trail.

Inviting friends along is always a good idea for yourself as well. You can distribute the responsibilities.

  1. After Hiking Activities

After the hike, make a plan to go to one of their favorite ice cream place or whatever excites them. This will make them more pumped up about the trip and they will participate more in the activities that you have arranged for them.

  1. Make Them Go Shopping with You for The Hike

If this is your first time, then you definitely need some multi-tools for the trip. Make your kids tag along with you as well and let them have their own version of that tool. You can buy their very own gadgets, which would make them excited about using it during the trip.

  1. Travel Light

The most important thing about the trip is how well you pack your stuff. You need to minimize everything you need by their size and their number. You need to make sure that your bags are not heavy.

Next time you plan your trip with your kids, make sure you keep in mind of all the things that would make your trip not only fun but a memorable one.