There’s nothing better than spending some time going on outdoor adventures. You might love hiking because it helps you disconnect from all the stresses that can come with life. It’s also a great way to connect with your kids, but it’s going to take a careful plan to make sure your ambitions for getting the family outdoors won’t go down in flames.

Hiking is the perfect way to catch up with your kids, and it’s a great way to get them away from technology. You may be hesitant to try to convince the little ones to explore the wild too early, but if you take the right approach things will run smoothly. It’s easy to get your kids hooked on getting outdoors, but you’re going to have to make it fun for them.

Here are 5 great ways you can convince your kids to go hiking with you.

  1. Carefully plan your first couple hikes.

Before you haul off your kids to encounter a brutal hike without a lovely experience, you’re going to need to meticulously look at the options available and honestly dissect how fit your kids are. I love hitting the mountains and diving 3 miles into the forest as the sun rises, but that doesn’t mean the kiddos are going to be fond of waking up early to get their butts kicked a third of the way through the hike.

If you’re looking for the kids to commit giving up television and social media for an afternoon, you’re going to have to bring out the big guns.  Discover trails where your kids have plenty of room to explore. The goal is to install confidence in exploring the outdoors, so even finding a 30-minute hike that’s easy but fun is going to a perfect start.

Also, pay close attention to the scenery around the hikes that you take your kids on. Your goal is to optimize on scenery while making the journey easy and relaxing.

If you can get the kiddos through the hike and breathing in the fresh air, you’ll notice a little hop in their step. There will be plenty of chances to go hiking with your kids over the years, but starting the adventures off in ways they’ll remember is going to be priceless.

  1. Let the Kids Take Over

Letting the kids take command of the hike is a great way to get them more engaged in the experience. There’s just a natural reaction people have when they take command of the family while their outdoors. They’ll begin looking around more and they’ll breathe in the fresh air with confidence as they start taking over. This gives the kids a fun way to explore uncharted territory, and it’ll easily spark future adventures.

  1. Point out Beautiful Scenery and Tell Stories.

Pointing out beautiful landscape is going to an epic step towards getting your kids to love the outdoors. If you love hiking and camping, you’re going to have some great stories to tell the little ones. Share your favorite PG rated stories with your kids and even amp it up to the next level by throwing a little bit of PG-13 into the mix as they get excited. This will help spark emotions that you can use to get your children away from addicting electronics.

Stories are an intricate part of life, and sharing your past will help your kids better understand all the wonderful things that lie ahead in the world.

  1. Start Integrating Hiking with Vacations

If you can find a way to include hiking with smaller vacations, you’re definitely going to give your kids an exciting association with getting outdoors. Camping is an excellent way to find budget friendly holidays, and it can be perfectly blended with a lot of fun outdoor activities. Imprinting fun times will help your kids get out in the future, and it will even improve their attitudes on hikes over time. Even the simplest things like getting ice cream afterwards or having your favorite family breakfast or lunch at home will help give your kids a good perspective about a nice and relaxing hike.

  1. Ask your Children for Recommendations

The last great way to convince your kids to get out and go hiking with you is to simply present them with a bunch of exciting options for outdoor activities and see which adventures they’d like to take up. Being a parent can be difficult, but letting your kids decide where they’d like to go will definitely get them excited about getting out. Giving your kids more control over the adventures will let you become a better parent, because children typically open up more when they find themselves inside of an environment they’ve been looking forward to. It may not always be the best time to ask about school, but it’s definitely a perfect time to ask about friends, hobbies, and updates about things that they love.

These are only five ways you can convince your kids to go outdoors, but you can adapt your own ideas to match your own kids. If you’d like to get your children outside, the number one goal is to make it fun. Everything else will fall into place, and your time outdoors will be amazing.